Condom ad disguised as Facebook request from future son

An interesting advertising campaign from Olla Condoms in Brazil, which sends Facebook users unsolicited friend requests from their yet-to-be-born sons. 

The campaign “Unexpected Babies”  from Brazilian agency Age Isobar details the ad’s concept: Take a male user’s name, create a new profile using that name with “Jr.” tacked on the end, and send a friend request to the unsuspecting user. When he visits his virtual son’s profile, he sees a condom ad from Brazil-based Olla.

The campaign does show some clever and creative strategy - however the campaign is in breach of several Facebook privacy and account policies. However the PR from the campaign, and Facebook's reaction will probably be worth an apology down the line.

Posted December 3rd, 2011 by SamWalmsley & filed under Social .

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